{ Getting used to the pain }

My heart was always flying while riding a cloud

The skies fall at your words as well

Each of those scenes from the past reawakens bit by bit

We still have half of our story left

I’m going to meet you again

( E D D I E )

Don't fly away my beautiful butterfly

had my one soul stolen
ϟ ϟ

#Np Don't Go - Exo M

it's time to change, betty
Sunday, June 9, 2013 | 1:13 AM | 0 comments
before i start- thanks to the readers and those who are willingly to drop by here. to the audiences from France, Germany, US and other countries, Thank You! #grateful
well, here i go. as a student of a boarding school, i'm going back to the hostel by tomorrow's evening. idk. i'm not ready for school yet. i'm going to throw up by meeting those nerds who are going to say 'i'm done with my homework. hby?' shit happens. okay, so today is still an uproductive day for me but, i did a self-reflection few hours ago. okay straight to the point ladies, i'm not at the top when it comes to academics. i always think that i don't deserve studying in a boarding school and how i manage to communicate with those who have an extra intelligence. i keep thinking that i'm flunked in everything, that i'm such a failure, that i can't manage to get all A's. but then- how and when can i succeed by keep thinking negatively upon everything? 

it's time to change. it's time for me to get back on the track and focus. i'm going to do my very best. i'm gonna succeed for this trial and of course, the big test- PMR. please and please. pray the best for me, Afrina Daud to get straight A's for these upcoming tests. God bless you darla! Improvements begins with 'I' :)

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